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Movements + Stories: 2017


Earth Mama Combo 1
Beth Zaccagni - Earth Pulse
Sommer Mateer - Love Prophecy

Pheonix Rising Combo 2
Annelies Helms - Phoenix Rising
Christine Taylor - Eye of the Tigress

Warrior Combo 3
Transition (up, up, & down)
Warrior Goddess
Camille D'attilio - Empowered Path
Heart Stomp
Madeleine Belle - Focused Edge Manifestation
Xena Raco - Butterfly Warrior

Coming Into Combo 4
Transition (up, up, & down)
Stay Long - Coming Into
Geri Omni - Purge to Shine
Negar Ekbatani - Del-A-licious
Alicia Peshka Rennekamp - Rest & Digest


Women Awake Combo 5
Transition (up, up, & down)
Melanie Maslany - Women Awake
Cassie Angelucci - Pure Bitch Power
Sarah Wing - Purge Darkness
Carmella Lee - Lotus Dragon

Girl Trust Combo 6
Transition (up, up, & down)
Becca Johnson - Out of the Box
Sunny Pierce - Girl Trust
Zeut Ryot - BFE (Ben Franklin Effect)
Laura Schetzsle - Setu Saved My Life

Yaya Combo 7
Transition (up, up, & down)
Heart Stomp
Gift & Receive
Warrior Goddess
Swept Up
Yayas - Manifest/Release


Costume Video: 2017

Practice Video: 2017

Performance Video: 2017

Rooster Soup 5/19/2017

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Yemayah video by Sean
Freedom as recorded by Rising Appalachia
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