Our Mission

  Setu Tribe is a sisterhood whose mission is to empower women through a dance created from personal experiences and inspired by traditions and cultures from around the world.  

Our Vision

Setu Tribe impacts the world by positively influencing our community. We use movement and stories as an outlet to release. We envision this expression as a bridge to healing and manifestation.  This process begins with the self and one another, and ripples infinitely outward.  We visualize a world of balance where feminine and masculine come together to catalyze peace, power and universal honor.  

Our Practice

It is in our practice to honor nature and to honor our ancestors. We strive to educate ourselves and one another about the various cultures and traditions that seem to influence and inspire our community. While our individual beliefs and spiritual practices vary, the common thread is honor, and, of course, Ubuntu.  The concept of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine are wonderful reminders of these practices.  

Setu Tribe is committed to healing one another and our world.  We respect and accept that the path to healing is different for each person, and is carved out by countless circumstances - including family, community, heritage, etc.  We aim to evolve as a planet - to honor, to educate, and to move with intention as we strive to do this good work for humankind.


- Movements -

Each movement is created from a personal experience which the creator considers to be a pivotal moment in her life. Once each woman has told her story and created her movement, the movements are woven together to form a dance with a kaleidoscope of formations, created by Geri Omni.

- Workshops -

Setu Tribe offers a number of workshops, including Drumming, Creating the Dance, Yoga and Chakra Balancing, Tribal Costume Creation, and Goddess Hour Movement and Meditation

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- Drumming -

The drum is considered to be the first instrument played by humans. Setu Tribe learns to play drums in an effort to connect to the sacred healing practice and to our roots as humans. Once the dance is created, each group of movements is given its' own unique rhythm pattern.